About Us

 🖐🏼 Meet Us! 🖐🏼

We, Meghna & Pushkaraj, two very distinct personalities who share the passion for travel met 10 years ago while volunteering at the Dubai International Film Festival. Dating ever since and married for a year now, we started our individual travel journeys from the time we were adolescents. Between the two of us, I am the writer and Pushkaraj is the man behind the photographs.  We share a cozy little apartment in Dubai, the place that brought us together. Travel, in  more ways than one, unites and liberates us.


Trailing Abroad is our little baby, wanting to inspire you to wander abroad and see from your heart while you read what we see with our eyes. We hope our travel stories resonate with you and our travel tips make planning a holiday a tad-bit simpler for you guys!  So come on, embark on this journey with us, and you’re surely not leaving disappointed!

👩🏽 Meet Meghna!

A Dubai born Indian girl, I am incidentally a lawyer who jumps at every opportunity of trailing across this fascinating world.

My typical day revolves around drafting, negotiating and reviewing agreements alternating with daydreaming of white sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets, zebras grazing grasslands, monkeys calling out to alert the perpetually fear-struck deers, unknown alleys crowded with wonderful people, historical remains beyond school text books and of many more infinite secrets that this blue planet hides.

My treasured days revolve around realizing my dreams one landscape at a time, before returning to my typical days.

I am fondly called Maggie though Meghna means ‘arising from the clouds’. See, I knew it! I’ve always had some connection with the clouds! And Shakespeare says, what’s in a name! Hmm.

I love cheese…hate monotony…don’t know how to cycle (I swear its on my list!)… dislike the telly and the movies… enjoy swimming…. have an adventure streak… don’t drink tea or coffee…and get excited for my birthday 2 months in advance.


👦🏽 Meet Pushkaraj!

Now obviously, I am writing this for him, so I have the liberty to tell you guys exactly what he is like *wink*.

Meet my best half, the happy go lucky guy next door, who thinks from his heart and always finds his way out.  Meet his better half, his camera.

An engineer by profession, he loves meeting people and making new friends. A movie fanatic, he annoys me when he watches the seventh movie of the day!

Pushkaraj likes to taste water in different places (I have no clue how he ‘tastes’ water) and after travelling the world, wants to declare the city which has the tastiest water (Yeah, this baffles me as well). He admires chefs. His secret wish would be to meet & greet his favourite chefs and dine at all Michelin Star restaurants in the world.

On days off, he becomes a baby – Eat. Sleep. Wake up. Repeat. His calendar updates remind him (no, not of my birthday or our anniversary) of Iphone launches and Apple store openings. He hates going shopping with me, but gleams when we shop for him, even if it is a pair of socks!

In case you’re wondering, nope, his name doesn’t mean anything in any language. For the sake of convenience, we call him Pushki.





Want to know more about us? Want us to visit a particular place? Want further information on a city we have visited? Have suggestions or feedback? Or just want to say hello?? Feel free to write to us ‘coz we love hearing from you. Let’s be friends =)