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Introducing Trailing Abroad


…Because the world is beautiful. Isn’t it?

The butterflies in our tummies and the sparkle in our eyes as soon as our travel tickets are booked is what really brought us to Trailing Abroad.

As we wander across on unfamiliar streets, we wonder how many of you would have treaded the same path yet had a story completely unlike ours. Whether the obstacles we found in getting to a place, were the same as yours?

The sheer excitement to share some wonderful travel experiences with you all, doubled by the desire to hear back from you on your tales of the world, is the reason you’re reading this blog today.


So there are backpackers… and then there are luxury travelers.. but hey, what about us, who cannot afford luxury every single time but who want a little more comfort than backpacking?

How about affordable luxuries? Oxymoron, eh?

Where your dreams can match your wallets and you can afford to plan another luxurious holiday as soon as you are back! At Trailing Abroad, we will take you on a whirlwind of fancy luxurious indulgences at the same time sharing tips on how to keep the balance in check.

Bringing a myriad of experiences across, we will try to reach equilibrium between glorious travel and travel which is pocket friendly.

Many a times travelling together, sometimes solo, and sometimes with our friends..the only constants always being – the beautiful world, you guys and this blog! =)

Do note that there is no hearsay here. When you read something, you know that we’ve been there, done that. Unless specified to the contrary, all photos you see on this blog are clicked by us.


Since we have so many reasons for starting Trailing Abroad, we wanted to have something in store and of interest to each one of you. For instance, some of us absolutely love reading short stories and real life experiences. While some others may just want some guidance and tips for any place they are planning to visit. To solve this dilemma and to make it easy for you to find exactly what you would love, we have divided our website into the following categories:

Story Trailing: This one is for all you lectiophiles! If you love to read stories and want to be mesmerised by or laugh over our travel experiences, be sure to read the posts published under Story Trailing. These are essentially our travel stories speaking about our first hand account of unique experiences while trailing abroad. Some stories are funny, some fascinating, some scary and some others purely exciting. You’re surely in for unexpected treats in this one! So grab some coffee and keep reading =).

Tips & Tricks: Are you planning to visit a particular island, city or country soon? Want to grab some handy tips or money saving tricks? Not sure of where to visit but want to get an idea of how easily accessible or expensive or welcoming a place is? All posts under tips & tricks are designed to serve as a guide for places and to tell you things beyond what you might find on Wikipedia pages. Every now and then when we come across some fantastic travel pick, tips, tricks and resources, we will be sure to post them in here!

Super 7: This is surely the fun category. For all those of you who get bored reading lengthy stories, love photos, have no particular agenda of traveling to a particular place or are simply looking for quick fixes to your boredom or something to do on 5 minute work breaks, this category is for you. Posts under this category will put together a list of 7 fun facts/things/ideas/experiences about anything anywhere. This is exciting particularly because neither you nor we know what’s coming up next on this super 7 list. With limited written words and photos gallore, this is the perfect one for those of you who need some fancy inspiration to get the wanderlust bug!

That’s all for now folks!

Now that you’re here already, go on and explore Trailing Abroad! Get to know more about us here. Contact us here.

Send in your comments, suggestions and feedback. Motivate us to keep sharing quirky and fun travel experiences with you guys!

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