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7 Reasons to visit Dubai right now

A city of glamour and magnificence, Dubai, has made a mark for itself owing to its central location and exponential growth rate.  With tons of exciting experiences to offer, it is one of the most visited cities in the world. Here are the top seven reasons to visit Dubai right away.

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Given its strategic location on the world map, there are very little chances that you haven’t heard about  Dubai if you’re a frequent traveler. Nestled in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the ultimate transit hub for travelers trotting the globe. Not surprisingly, the city has one of the busiest airports in the world and surely deserves a full-fledged visit.

Dubai is a fascinating destination that has something to offer no matter who you are, which age group you belong to or where your preferences lie. It is the ideal Middle Eastern dream with diversity as its soul. The web of Dubai is woven with a taste of the world, a futuristic and progressive outlook and happiness galore. Where else do you have a duly appointed Minister of State for Happiness?

 It is a place that you can travel to with friends, family or as a couple and not one will leave disappointed. The city truly believes that one size does not fit all and has a multitude of options to spoil you with choice for almost anything that you can think of. From shopping to food, street art to architecture, beaches to nightlife, Dubai is a mélange of the world.

Still not convinced enough to book a flight to Dubai right away? Hang on and read our top 7 reasons to visit Dubai and tick it off your bucket list before anything else.

  1. Sky is not the limit

Boasting of super cars and robots for the police, every time you grab a newspaper in Dubai, get ready to be transported to a scene from a sci-fi movie! The city somehow always manages to come up with something beyond your imagination. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Dubai does it yet again!

Now, in how many other cities can you ski in the summer? How about visiting countries in the form of islands? Flying cars, anyone? Artificial rainfall? Air conditioned bus stops? Gold vending machines, maybe? Amphibious cars (whatever on Earth is that)?

Okay, enough said. If it’s not evident already, Dubai is the hub of imagination. News is, that soon we will have a rotating skyscraper featuring revolving apartments! Can you imagine watching the sun rise and set over the course of a day from the comfort of your sofa? We bet you want to move to Dubai after reading this.

Dubai Sky;ine
  1. Record breakers

If you’re a fan of touristy places and clicking selfies at instagrammable spots is your thing, Dubai is your place. Breaking world records comes naturally to this glamorous city and no wonder Dubai keeps doing rounds on news feeds every other month.

Here is a tiny glimpse of what this tiny speck on the world map packs within itself –

Tallest tower in the world – ✅

Largest water screen projection – ✅

World’s tallest Hotel – ✅

World’s Highest restaurant – ✅

World’s biggest shopping mall – ✅

World’s biggest sweet shop – ✅

World’s longest graffiti scroll – ✅

First city to get its own font – ✅

World’s largest indoor theme park – ✅

Fastest police car in the world – ✅

World’s largest aquarium – ✅

Coming soon.. world’s largest ferris wheel!

Phew. Okay, we’re tired already. We bet by the time you’re reading this, Dubai is all set to break another record. Now, how many times do you get to visit such a record breaker?

Burj Khalifa
  1. Spoiling you for choice

Shopaholic? Foodie? Adventure buff? Party-goer? Beach bug?

Thankfully, with Dubai in the picture, you no longer need to visit different countries to get the best of all these diverse experiences. Dubai is a one stop shop and the solution to all your cravings.

Known the world over as a shopping destination, Dubai is home to many extraordinary malls which besides being home to a plethora of brands, offer several unique and larger-than-life experiences. Being a melting pot of cultures, Dubai caters to all tastes of the globe with several international food chains making their way to Dubai.

For adventure lovers, there are lots of indoor and outdoor options to be explored. The one on our adventure bucket list is Sky Dive Dubai! Talking about events, Dubai is buzzing with music festivals, rock shows and concerts of world famous artists every now and then. With the likes of White Dubai, Mahiki and Buddha Bar, Dubai is well known as the ultimate destination for all party fanatics.

Coming down to our favourite activity, Dubai is no stranger to beaches. Did you know Dubai has a beach mall as well? In fact, one of the popular beaches, Kite Beach, offers plenty of thrilling activities besides the usual dose of spending a lazy day on a sun bed. And did we mention beach canteens in the form of fancy food trucks? We could probably fill pages and make your eyes sore if we get into all that Dubai has on offer!

Madinat Jumeirah
  1. Offering the best of the world in one place

If you could only visit one country on the planet, we’d say visit Dubai. Reason being, Dubai is the answer to your need of experiencing the best of the entire world in one place. With canals like in the European cities, nightlife like in New York and Hong Kong, over water villas like in the Maldives, skiing in the snow like in Finland – Dubai has it all. In fact, we’re soon going to have a replica of the iconic Taj Mahal as well! Dubai is where you feel at home even though you’re miles away.  

In case you want to get a feel of the local Emirati culture and heritage, you can find well preserved forts and wind mills telling you the story of the city in the heart of Dubai.

Dubai Heritage Village
  1. Melting pot of cultures

Now of course, if you’re being served the entire world on a plate, you’ll surely find people from the world as well. With more than 80% of the entire population being expatriates, Dubai is home to people from most corners of the world. This makes Dubai one of the best places to learn about different cultures and languages and revel in the celebration that is life. With events across the city for Eid, Christmas, Holi, Easter, Diwali, Oktoberfest, St. Patricks day and all other occasions that you can think of, Dubai looks for reasons to celebrate! In fact, the iconic Burj Khalifa even lights up at times to show solidarity with the world on several occasions! Recently, we witnessed a dazzling display on Pakistan’s and India’s independence days.

Dubai truly is the impersonation of ‘unity in diversity’ and we are so proud to associate ourselves to this wonder of a city. The world surely needs more peace-loving and embracing countries like the UAE!

Burj Khalifa fireworks


  1. Prime Location with the added advantage of cleanliness and safety!

With most international flights connecting through Dubai, it works as a gateway to the world. Being centrally located, a visit to Dubai will never feel like traveling to another end of the globe. And the icing to the cake? UAE consistently makes it to the top 5 safest countries in the world!

Of course, safety and cleanliness are both relative terms with no finite yardstick for measurement. However, with its strict laws and very effective enforcement practices, Dubai takes pride in its cleanliness and its residents respect the same. Also, for the fact that Dubai is a desert, the pleasant amount of greenery around can take you by surprise. We wonder what all goes into the creation of this extraordinary city! We must admit, like it or not, no one does it like Dubai.

Dubai Creek
  1. Life Lesson – Nothing is impossible

For anyone even slightly familiar with the history of Dubai, you’ve got to agree that if nothing else, you definitely learn one major life lesson – Nothing is impossible.  From being a desert, where camels were used for transportation and pearl diving along with fishing were the common occupations, Dubai has surely come a very long way. This city with an impressive skyline is certainly not afraid of ambition.

Dubai’s journey of transformation from a land of aridity to a metropolis of skyscrapers is an inspiring one. A city that literally sprouted from scratch, now has an exponential growth rate and has made a firm mark in the world in less than half a century. In more ways than one, this opulent and indulgent land inspires you to dream.

Dream, believe and then, ACHIEVE.

Dubai Dhow
Burj Al Arab

Being the action packed house that Dubai is, we often get asked – how many days will suffice to visit Dubai. Unfortunately, we have never been able to give a satisfactory answer since there is so much you can do! In our opinion, keep aside a minimum of seven days to get a flavor of the city.

So, when are you visiting Dubai?

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Reasons to visit Dubai

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  1. These certainly are compelling reasons to visit Dubai. I went once 10 years ago but I need to go again. I had no idea that there was a Minister of State for Happiness. I even googled it after reading about it here. It sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book 🙂

    1. 10 years is a long time! You really should visit again! Dubai is such a fast paced city that probably most things will seem new when you visit =)

  2. Dubai is super high on our must visit list. One of the drawbacks is its a long trip from NYC. Would love to go with hubby but thats a long time to leave the kids. I so want to go and your post confirms that!!!!

    1. New Years in Dubai is magical! But do keep in mind that New Years is a popular time to visit Dubai and hence prices go up almost everywhere =)

  3. Dubai has been very high on my bucket list and I hope to go sometime in the near future! Everything you’ve listed sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing. =)

  4. Dubai is definitely on my Bucket list to visit soon. I went twice over 10 years ago but your reasons for visiting right now have been a fantastic read and really enjoyed reading this.

    1. Oh yes! Dubai is very dynamic and there’ll be a plethora of new things for you to catch up on when you visit again =)

    1. Hey Amanda! Well, if you’re visiting to only tick certain typical tourist attractions off a list then maybe yes, a weekend would work. However, that’s simply not our style of traveling and generally we don’t advocate that as well. To get a real feel of the city besides the must-see attractions and must-do activities, one needs at least a week in Dubai in our opinion. We’ll soon be posting an entire week’s itinerary for Dubai to give our readers a feel of what all they can do! Dubai is so full of life! =) Do let us know if you visit Dubai again though! =)

  5. A great list of reasons to go. People often dismiss Dubai as being a location for the rich and famous or for those that like to indulge on finer things but it is more than that. I think your last point is what stays with me the most the about why I love Dubai. I’ve been visiting the place since 2009 and have watched it grow into the melting pot it has become today. I can still remember the days when Emirartis wouldn’t speak to visitors and women had to really cover up. It is a completely different place now and it is amazing how far they have come.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! We have heard a lot of people complaining that Dubai is very superficial and fake and hence it’s not a city they would want to visit. However, what is certainly remarkable is how the city has achieved so much in such a short time frame and has utilized its little resources to their full potential! Like we said, love it or hate it, but you’ve got to admit that no one does it like Dubai! =)

  6. I have to say I have never had much interest in visiting Dubai-its such a artificially created place-catered to the uber wealthy and to big business I always wonder how the actual people from there live if they aren’t in big business (besides just being cleaners and taxi drivers)-but I’m sure if you are wealthy or a business traveler and stopping there-the shopping is great and is a cool thing to see

    1. Hey Brooke! Having lived in Dubai for around 25 years, I do admit that Dubai does luxury better than anything else. However, there is lots to indulge in here without emptying your pockets as well! Most of the attractions are man made but that is the beauty of the place. The city deserves a pat on the back for the way in which negligible resources at its disposal have been utilized to create such magnificent things. And speaking about ourselves, we’re a simple working middle class couple and manage to live a decent life in Dubai too. Of course different cities in the world offer different and unique experiences and no two cities can be the same. Having said that, Dubai certainly deserves a full fledged visit =) Do let us know when you plan to visit, and may be you’ll return with a different outlook of the place! =)

  7. Dubai has become such a popular travel destination in the past years! Personally it’s not on the top of my travel list because I’m more fond of nature and also it’s quite a luxurious destination but, hey! I would never say no to a trip anywhere! I think I will save this one for a moment further down the road 😉

  8. I recently had a stopover at Abu Dhabi and was impressed with UAE. They certainly do things big and opulent! On my next trip to Europe I would love to stopover in Dubai for a few days. Thanks for the look around.

    1. Do stopover for a couple of day at least! There is tons to do here and soon we’ll be posting a full fledged itinerary which may help you a teeny bit! =)

  9. I went to Dubai years ago and have always wanted to go back. I never knew that all those cool facts like World’s tallest Hotel and World’s largest aquarium. I also love the fact that you are spoil for choice in regards to beaches like you said.

  10. I haven’t heard too much about traveling to Dubai, but this makes it sound incredible! I think I might have to add it to my list!

  11. Honestly, I’ve never been attracted to Dubai. But now that I actually read your blog post it does sounds interesting. I was more of a luxury destination for me and that’s about it. But the adventure factor you presented is something I would go for. It’s the place I would try skydiving to be honest.

  12. I’ve had Dubai on my list for the longest and never knew half of what you wrote here! I knew that they had the tallest building in the world but I didn’t realize how many world records they had set! I’m completely sold based off the foodie culture LOL and leaving with a “nothing is impossible” mindset sounds like icing on top of a cake 🙂

  13. I agree with all your points! I have been out Dubai during a few long stopovers – but often to meet up with folks for a while. That said, in 2012, we spent a week in Dubai and loved it. We especially loved the Atlantis. The next time I am there, I should perhaps consider a meal at Burj al Arab :)…

  14. Awesome list! I have to admit, not long ago I would have sworn to never travel to the middle east seeing their treatment towards women, but then I found out about Dubai. It seems it’s a magical bubble offering everything one can imagine. This list proves that. While I don’t know when I plan to visit, I do know I hope to make it there one day. I can’t believe 80% of the population are expats. I assume that has a ton to do with how progressive this place is.

    1. Dubai is unlike a lot of cities in the Middle East and is very liberal and progressive in its approach. And yes, the expat population is one of the biggest strengths of this diverse city!

  15. I honestly couldn’t agree more! I visited Dubai in June and it was such an amazing experience. I’d recommend anyone to go. I didn’t realise the font thing but that’s so cool haha! Wonderful pics also!

  16. I had no idea that Dubai holds so many world records, wow! I also love what you said about feeling at home there wherever you’re from with the European canals etc, that’s a lovely way to look at it 🙂

  17. I love your photography! Dubai is gem by all means. If these are not enough reasons to visit Dubai,I have no idea what else would make on go! Thank for a well researched post.

  18. There are so many impressive facts about Dubai. Skiing in the summer is unheard of! Especially in the desert! The amount of biggest and highest list is huge. I’d love to stay in the highest hotel in the world.

  19. We have not visited Dubai though we have transited through the place a number of times. Dubai is indeed like a hub of the world. Your post comes at an opportune time when we were debating on where to go at the end of this year and Dubai was one of the places we were looking at. Indeed there are so many reasons to head to this glittering city. Hope to get there soon.

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